We're planning to use GD Audio Workshop transformers in our future DAC models.

Transformer is a crucial component for the perfect sound. Audiophiles say power transformer is the heart of an amplifier. Upon reflection, this is an accurate comparison. A good heart delivers blood to all parts of body. The same is true with transformers. They provide all parts with energy and make it possible to unlock potential of the audio device to the fullest extent.

Although the operating principle of a transformer is simple, it is difficult to produce a top-quality audio transformer. Every component is crucial! Every detail affects the end result: type and sort of the iron core, manufacturing quality and coating of copper wires. Even material of interlayer isolation and frame configuration are important. 

Vintage transformers often possess unique audio quality. However, it is almost impossible to find a product with winding capable to support required voltage and current. New transformers offer great technical parameters but how do they sound? It is more difficult to find a product of excellent audio quality among modern devices.

Based on my experience of producing quality audio, I have drawn a conclusion: a top-notch audio transformer can be produced only manually. Only an expert can evaluate the result by ear. Only an expert can select and combine all transformer parts to attain perfect sound. 

I have found top transformers at Daniel Golenko’s Audio Workshop (GDAW).

 Why GDAW?

1. Unique approach using vintage materials. Restauration and rewinding of products manufactured in 30s-40s-50s-60s is done manually and at the highest level. He is one of few craftsmen who has the skills to work with ancient products making it possible to preserve the original design, spirit of the age, and its sound. The finished product practically does not differ from the original.

2. Selection of materials. GDAW uses only the best materials for its products and for restauration. GDAW selects only the best materials from leading European and American manufacturers. This is possible thanks to continuously replenishing stock of winding wire and cores.

3. Original practices. Workshop GDAW produces transformers using the highest standards . However, there is more. Based on accumulated experience and results of its own studies, GDAW uses a special solutions. These include production methods for: * frames * covering * bonding * winding * mixing wires and iron cores

4. Non convencional approach to testing. All GDAW products are tested in three stages:

a) The choice of wires and cores by ear b) Measurements c) Listening to music in order to study the qualities of the product

б) приборное тестирование параметров

в) тестирование изделия в готовой системе на слух

This approach to production allows you to achieve high standards of sound. The use of vintage parts provides a very serious basis for high-quality music reproduction. The use of new technologies and author's original production methods allows us to go beyond the musical genres of the last century, when this parts were produced. GDAW transformers handles modern music of all genres.

GD Audio Workshop


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