Most devices can be ordered only individually - you can find the model range, specifications, and photos in the Articles section and Products list

Here we offer ready-to-ship products.

Payment options: PayPal, dispatch within one week.

If you want to make an order or have some questions about any model, please use contacts form, as the site comments are rarely read and will not be published without administration approval.

Please note: these are individual copies which are made sometimes as a demonstration or experimental, usually to make some design changes, and then offer them for sale.  It is impossible to say which models will appear next time.

The standard type of work is ordering a prepaid product that can be selected from our list. It still continues to be the main one.

We don't ship to Russia, Belarus, and Zimbabwe !

———————————————————(Updated 21/01/2023)————————————————————

Everything is sold. Please use contact form to place custom order.