Welcome! Please read the following text before proceeding. Due to the current situation, I am unfortunately not able to answer all questions and check my inbox every day. Also it is impossible to answer the same questions every day. Questions never end, but time is limited. Please follow the links to get more information about my products:


If you want to know about the difference between the DACs, please go to the FAQ section. Ordering rules are also listed there.

Follow this link to see a list of devices and cables that can be assembled:

Follow this link to see a list of PCBs that can be assembled:

Follow this link to see devices that are ready to ship:

A description of the devices from the table can be found in the Articles section.

If there is no article you are interested in, then it will appear soon.
Please pay attention! We do not keep finished products on the shelf. Each device is assembled after prepayment!

If you want to know about the possibility of using any interfaces, an explanation is given below.

Outputs and Inputs. Offers and opportunities.

The second spdif input is possible to add in any DAC for a separate fee
XLR output is possible to install only in DAC3.2 for a separate fee

RCA can be replaced by BNC at your request free. ( BNC only or RCA + BNC or BNC + BNC).
We never use Toslink, this interface spoils the sound and reduces the energy of the sound.
We do not use I2S yet, and when we do, you will see this option in the product list.
We plan to use AES/EBU digital input in our new models. But we believe, coaxial input is enough for home audio. In addition, excessive use of balanced connections «dries out» the sound.

Dimensions and weight of devices:
DAC 0.11 230/200/120 5kg
DAC 2.4, DAC 4.1, DAC U1 440/200/120 7….8kg
DAC 3.2 , 6080 headphone amplifier 400/410/170 15….18kg
USB converter 190/200/120 3kg
RIAA EL84/EF86 450/230/130 10kg
RIAA 6N6P/EF86, Hybrid amp 360/230/130 5…6kg

Prices are subject to change at any time due to the continuous increase in the cost of materials and delivery. Holiday deals and discounts are possible. See the store section for information about sales. Ask the price using a private message.
When ordering, the cost of the device does not change, regardless of how long the order takes and how expensive the components are. Unless you place the order, it is the only guide I can provide. I hope for your understanding.

Please keep in mind that the DAC3.21 model takes a lot of time to build. Rest models take 2-3 weeks, if I have all parts in hand.
2.4/6BL7 ( TDA1541A, R1) and U1 signature ( pcm63P-K) are the best before 3.21
Happy choice!