20% off,  Werstern Union, Moneygram, Swift

12% off Paypal  ( I have no possibility to send your an invoice, it will be payment to friend)

The offer is valid until the end of January, from February 1, the discount will be 8% and 0% according to the payment method.

Offering only one copy!

DAC2.4SE, 6SN7 output stage, GD transformer

The device is after a repair, tube set:

6X5  RCA

E180F  amperex

EB91 mullard

6SN7. soviet tubes

Wooden front panel, 115 volts. (Switching to 230v AC is possible, but only after the payment).

To order, please contact us through the form https://www.abbasaudio.com/en/contacts/



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