We have good news for you. We have resumed production of USB cables, 1-1.5 meters long.
If you need a different length, this issue requires discussion.

This is probably the only cable on the audio market that is made using antique copper. The principle of the cable design is similar to our other products of this kind.

The cable is based on multi strand wire composed from 18 individual strands, none of which are repeated. These conductors are taken from the best examples of tube audio equipment from past years starting from the 20s. These 18 wires are selected according to a certain principle and then oriented in the direction of the best sound to create the effect of a balanced, spacious, beautiful, expressive sound.

We believe that incorporating ancient materials in the production of both the devices and the connecting wires is the only way to breath life into the sound of digital devices. We invite you to explore our list of cables and discover our other offerings.


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