«By the way, Slawa from SW1X wrote something about you on a Western forum» *click*

There are too many lies. Which forces me to answer.

To be honest, one product from our list owes its appearance to Slawa. Slava assembled it first. It was a USB converter. He upgraded the Chinese board using my stabilizers and tube clock. Slawa have made a report, on the basis of which we produced a three-tube usb- spdif converter. The development of the three-tube version is our own. This PCB included tube SPDIF stage, which Slava did not have as I remember.

Then Slava helped us to conclude a contract with SAVI audio for the supply of usb processors. Therefore, he received some quantity of the PCBs of the first version at a discount.  Other three versions of USB-SPDIF convertor including last 4-tube one have nothing to do with Slava — we have modernized them ourselves, all the time.

Also, none of his ideas are observed on white PCBs, with the exception of the location of some parts and the type of rectifier tube. This PCBs are just modifications of our DACs on PCM56, TDA1543 and TDA1541

There was no any funding for our projects. It was a common orders for quantity of PCBs. All our devices it is our own business, which we have been developing for many years.

DAC 1.0. 1.1   PCM56

DAC2.0  DAC2.1 DAC2.2 DAC2.3   TDA1541

DAC0.1  DACZ  DAC0.11 SE   TDA1543

DACX   TDA1540


DAC 3.0  DAC 3.1   DAC3.2 TDA1541

DAC 4.0  DAC4.1  PCM58

DAC5.0   AD1865

RIAA preamp EF86+6N6P +EZ90   2012 year

RIAA preamp EF86+ EL84 +EZ80    2013  year

RIAA preamp EC86+EL84+EL84 +AZ12  2014 year

6N6P i/u hybrid converter

5687, E182CC i/u   hybrid converter ver 1-7

6080 i/u  hybrid converter

71a tube i/u hybrid converter

solid state  germanium converters, three models

miniature output tube 6S31B stage

71a (45) +6SN7 tube stage

6N6P/ECC88  tube stage

Where do you see SWX1 trace and his influence here? Compare please with his list of DACs. Not to mention the fact that we have a number of original PCBs that predate the creation of DACs — voltage stabilizers, tube clocks, hybrid amplifiers and much more. Using these pcb the sound properties of separate circuit elements were tested for a long time. Slava did not carry out this work, he received everything ready-made. 

Tube DEM clock, tube master clock, shunt voltage stabilizers based on germanium transistors, germanium i/u converter- these are my ideas that I used  long before I met Slava.  You can look evidence at the many Internet pages. The first DAC3.0  with TDA1541 appeared in 2013. There you can see a tube dem clock, a tube master clock (which was first shown at the AML forum back in 2004-2005) and shunt voltage stabilizers based on germanium transistors.

In terms of a one half-wave rectifier, this is generally an invention of the 20s. It was used in audio by the Japanese in the 70s, Sergei Shabad even filed a patent, AML also applied it, long before me. Then, when I told Slava about this, he tried one half rectifier and was delighted. Does he have the audacity to claim that he was the first to use this type of rectifier?

In 2014 appeared DAC 1.0 with PCM56

DAC2.0 was developed in 2015

In the same year Slava appeared and began to beg me to become a co-owner of the company producing audio equipment. Then he quickly forgot about it, having received everything he wanted from me in a different way.

It is also not true that I dont mention my partner. I always say on russian language forums that my business partner is also a pcb designer. Oleg is registered on my forum and is free to write about the design of PCBs in detail. Another thing is that he does not have time and does not want to do this. The sound, diagrams, schemes, ideas, prototyping, working out boards, wiring, final setting, adjustment — all this is my work, without anyone’s help.

I still have a lot of PCBs in my hands that we made for Slava. He did not fulfill the obligations under our agreements , did not buy the remainder and apparently makes copies on his own. So what we have to do with this? We sold red pcbs with the SWX-1 logo . Slawa was warned of this.

Returning to our first work together, the DAC on the TDA1543. The red boards is entirely our development. Slava’s design was only to remove the tube reclock and put 6N6P instead of 6N23P. Not weak ideas for improving the original design, right? Yes, with board that costs about 200usd, it is difficult to offer it 10 times more expensive without making any changes more in line with the price. That is what Slava did. And in this sense, his final product is his design. I’m not talking about the final product, I’m only talking about the design of the PCBs. 

The sound that we offer is very different. And it is absolutely natural thing. After all, boards are only half the battle. The remaining half is wiring, solder, tuning by ear, selecting of capacitors, diodes, resistors, some esoteric methods ( Of which Slava does not even suspect) that is a very individual approach.  This is enough for honest and successful work.

How can I relate to him after everything that happened ? I mentioned him as my follower and talented organizer/manager. He is really much more talented than me as a businessman. But he probably wants more, to declare his intellectual property in all my decisions.

No matter what Slava says. I do not envy his success, it is enough for me if he gives users correct information regarding the basis of his devices. He have to mentions me. It will be correct for my taste. What the hell is intellectual property if he bought all the solutions from me along with the boards? Is that humor? Really, I think he will not claim to have invented a single ended stage, without which everything else is mine?

Everyone needs to be given their due, and everything will fall into place. You don’t have to pretend to be something that you have nothing to do with. I try to follow this rule.

Slawa in any case will be appreciated as the talented organizer of the production of a good audio devices.  I am quite satisfied with my position as a master offering an individual product, not a conveyor . Yes, Slava’s work was not useless and also helped me to move forward to some extent. But I can’t let him lie. And write all sorts of nonsense about me. Eventually, it is ugly story.

By the way, I went ahead  and made changes that significantly improved the sound compared to the my 2016 design. So I dont afraid any competitors on this field. My design remains absolutely unique. AD1865 and TDA1540 devices coming soon. And so on, ad infinitum. For creativity has no boundaries, unlike copying. That is why I make DACs using all the legendary chips of the past but Slava only these whose circuits he received from me.

Written only to restore the truth

I looked at what Slava had with RIAA preamps and saw what I expected to see. At first, Slava bought the PCBs of RIAA preamplifier from us ( model of 2012) and put them in his cases — I never mind if people with skilled hands can use our PCBs for their own good. Of course, not hiding where he gets it.

Then he bought a new modification of the our RIAA preamp to test and did not bother me anymore. Explanation is clear. He made an exact copy in smallest parts, only changed the color of the PCB and now sells it under the SWX1 logo. Indeed, why would anyone pay if the product can be copied.

Really, I don’t pretend to be original, the circuit is absolutely typical, but the PCB design is still abbasaudio.
Slava, having copied board to the smallest detail, proudly calls it «intellectual property», but for me it is just «theft», because I did not give him permission to copy the RIAA preamplifier PCB, and he did not even ask.
In the case of DACs SWX1 there was the fact of ordering the quantity of PCBs and technical documentation, then here it is just stupid copying and appropriation of intellectual property.


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