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Hand made cables abbasaudio

1. Power cable 1..2m

2. Speaker cables 1…3m

3. USB cable  1…1,5m

4. SPDIF cable RCA-RCA 1…1,5m

5. SPDIF cable BNC-RCA  1…1,5m

5. Interlink cable  1..2m

6. Screened interlink  cable 1…2m

7. XLR cable 1…1,5m

8. Multistrand hand made wire for internal wiring

9. Distributor 5 outlets

Email us for price and availability



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  1. Hi I am looking for Spdif 1m bnc to rca cable for connecting my cd transport to my dac 2.2 which I bought from you. Pkease give me the price so that I can pay. I can wait for the product till you make the product.

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