Отзыв из Остравы(Чехия)

Клок на Е180ф,и ряд устройств для апгрейда даков

Hello Abbas,
I came back from holidays yesterday… and today implemented your tube
clock… and listening it for 2 hours now.

And I have to say WOW 


 acoustic instruments sounds wonderfull…
so smooth… groups of violins in orchestra finally sounds right and colorful
and not artificial as it was before. And vocals… both male and female is sooo

It is somewhat magically right 


 I had goosebumps couple of times… this
didn’t happen to me for long time 


Thank you very much… this is truly fantastic upgrade… actually, I can’t believe
that it can make such difference… because, there is very good clock on my
USB-I2S convertor.

It is very interesting, that it actually sounds very different than with original
clock from USB-I2S…

Just listening Dvoraks 8th symphony with Rafael Kubelik and Berliner Filharmonic
and have goosebumps once again… its fantastic 



Abbas… what are you doing to me? 


 even youtube videos sounds
like real live music… it is like some kind of dreaming 


Your tube clock is fantastic… I’ve never heard any DAC to play
like this…

Thank you once again…




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