Отзыв из Дании,:

Hi Abbas

You could be right that customs listened too long to the DAC, it even feels like they took the DAC 0.1 as hostage, in fact I had to pay a huge ransom to get it free…

Supergreat! DAC 0.1SE… It plays wonderful… everything I like about 1543 natural sound, and better highs and lows compared to former implementation in other DACs it seems too, very open 3D dynamic musical sound, connected to my no feedback pure triodes in both preamp and SE300B, with cryo interstage and output transformers, great combination with DAC 0.1SE indeed

looking forward to compare to Altmann Attraction and other DACs when it have played more hours

Now even more curious about your USB/SPDIF converter, I read it is very dynamic too. Do you have cabinet for it by now?

Thanks, and kind regards from Denmark, Il

Il Bahnsen



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