ДАК 2.1 транзисторная версия.
Спустя год после того как был изготовлен первый вариант, было внесено очень много изменений в конструкцию, ОППВ выпрямители, подбор конденсаторов по сочетанию друг с другом,германиевые диоды, нюансы фазировки обмоток, П608 вместо П605 и многое другое, в итоге сегодня транзисторный дак звучит на новом уровне. Такой экземпляр месяц назад был отправлен в Штаты.

Hello Abbas,

I took delivery of the DAC2.0 earlier this week. First impressions: Wow, fantastic! Perfectly musical, but with all of the speed and technicality, too. The midrange is detailed, the treble is silky, and the bass is well-textured. It is delicate when it needs to be, but also powerful when it is called for. On top of that, it looks great next to my Decware SEP amplifier (along with the other dark walnut furniture in my bedroom…). I look forward to listening as it’s sound evolves into the future.

As it happens, I am one of the key organizers of so-called «Head-Fi» meets, here in Arizona. Head-Fi, as you may know, is a community of high-end headphone enthusiasts and audiophiles. At our meet this October, I plan to feature both of the DACs I’ve purchased from you at my station (The DAC0.1 and this one, the DAC2.0). I will show them off proudly.

It’s been a pleasure doing business with you once more,





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