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Отзыв 111 — Abbasaudio

Dear Abbas, Fikus has made for me the second Transport with your Clock. Splendid!!! It is the most «analog» sound from digital equipment I have ever hard.I play it through I2s — thus «rough» digital signal is transferred from Transport to DAC. Your Clock is installed in this Transport. Sounds beautiful!!

Клок на черепашках:

Цитата: Transports with your Clock — sound supper!!! Natural, dynamic, spacious — I like them very much. The fact is that they are extremely transparent. This is of course a good and a bad thing. They are extremely sensitive to power supply. I have power cables that are a result of many years of experimenting. But this is incredible how much Transports react if the cable is with ferrite rings, or if the cable is separated from vibrations that come from the floor etc.






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