Dr Abbas,

I have now lived 10 days with the new phono stage.

I can safely say that its the best phono stage I’ve had in my house.

It is very open and natural, and also powerful with unconstrained dynamics.
Music is flowing from in it a way that I have not heard with other phonos,
even very expensive ones like thomas mayer’s and top manley.

It is very revelatory and clearly exposes differences between turntables, pick
ups, and that your step-up is also a class act.

Makes me want to upgrade my dac to one of yours with big valves.

your biggest fan


Из Австралии, про фонокорректор ЕЛ84

I’ve found your phono stage has revealed the shortcomings of my Audio Technica ART9 sounding quite flat, though sounds fantastic with my Fidelity Research FR-7….



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