Hi Abbas…this is sort of short review of your «abbasaudio Hi-fi RIAA Tube Preamp MM,assembled, NEW! EF86, 5687, EZ35 » which i buy and installed in a body of a Toshiba vintage tuner and it work just great. I compare to my Ear 834p which is little modified and with NOS 5751 tubes but this your preamp works just better than Ear in any way.EAR have a great vocals and middle range but highs and lows are sometime too muffled(less with 5751 tubes must say) . On your preamp we have same quality of a middle zone but much clearer and better highs and lows so whole presentation is more serious and i like more sound stage of your Abbas pre because it goes behind or in level of speakers and not in front like EAR, I did not try and Nos tubes but just what came in package and this beauty i presume could sing even better. Whole presentation is much better and with greater separation of instruments- i did not try this pre with some MM carts that i have (but i will) but instead i listen all time my Lenco 75 with original tonearm and Denon 103 via Softone sut to Primaluna dialogue amp and out from Harbeth M30,1 speakers. I will try some Nos tubes too but Ear 834p is now for sale. What i espec. like is that in every way presentation is pleasant but not short of details and bass line is very precise…Anyway this is great device on more than fair price and i recommend this item for anyone who wants great phono preamp and not expensive one. I compare this item just against Ear 834p but Ear was these day much more expensive than it used to be and other preamp that i have in my mind and use them in past are not even close to this abbasaudio KIT pre (like Musical fidelity, Project tubebox ds etc). On the end i have to say one more time that it is a review done with tubes that came «in box» with this item.

greetings from Croatia,Istria — Poreč.

Denis Grzetic



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