Аbbasaudio DAC2.2 (USB/SPDIF converter, various CD players): NOS experience #3. A friend from Denmark told me to check out this weird dude from Ukraine making DACs using TDA1541, vintage components and tubes. It was a huge gamble to buy it blind but it ended up a winner and end of the road DAC for me. I have used it for the past 7 months and have no desire to change DACs anymore. It does everything I am looking for: linear but brightly saturated tone, no high-frequency roll-off, extremely resolving, genre agnostic, dynamic as hell. Massed strings and vocal harmonies make me weep involuntarily. Every listening session with this DAC using a computer-based source involves the discovery of a new song, album, artist or sub-genre. Every listening session with a CD involves listening through to the end of the disc. Despite my success with it I hesitate to recommend this one to anyone else. It’s an unknown brand, took months for delivery, is S/PDIF input only, uses several tubes and has physical dimensions unsuitable for a desktop setup. A very niche product for my allegedly very niche taste.



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