Hi Abbas,

Yesterday I recieved my new USB to SPDIF convertor. I am very happy. Thank you very much for packing so well and simple. I feel because of your packing it passed through customs very fast. I did not need to pay !!!!

First of all I love your work specially since one year I myself started in DIY audio work and I see you are a Master and Genius about building circuits. Converotr looks beautiful with the brown plate and the housing. Circuit board looks like a beautiful city from another planet.
Whole day yesterday and today I am listening …listening and the improvement is tangible. Resolution is increased but is warm and analog sounding. The bass is crisp and wide. I am not a audiophile but I love warm, natural musical vintage, analog sound with lot of air and life and your circuit gives this lots. In search of good computer audio I have tried many many USB to SPDIF convertors because I feel this is very important but overlooked link where lot of damage is done. So I tried atleast 20 different convertors and I was dreaming somthing like your USB convertor. I mean your idea is so unique and the only one on earth. It is truly high end without the crazy prices of high end. So I also feel your philosophy behind your production. I cannot describe how it sounds but can say it sound good and I am listening for hours without my ears getting tired and fatigue. Now I am interested in all your products releveant to me and dreaming about the. Thank you for inventing new audio stuff which is natural and warm. Best Regards. Vinay



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