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This list shows all DAC models that may be assembled in the standart metal housing with IEC power plug ( power cord not included) are here. Production time takes from a week to a couple months or even more — depends on the complexity of the selected model and on the workload. Most of SE models have a current-voltage germanium converter, which uses audionote tantalum non magnetic resistors. All prices are valid for a month, then it can be changed depending on the rise in prices for rare components ( black gate capacitors, audio note parts, tubes).Prices may be reduced during the promotion period or if you order more than one device.

Note: Please contact us to get current price list and make a purchase. 

DAC Z tda1543 , ECC42 output 

DAC0.1 SE tda1543 ecc88 output stage 

DAC2.2 tda1541 +6N6P/EZ80 output stage 

DAC U SE pcm63p-K 5687 /EZ35 output stage

DAC4.1 SE pcm58-K 5687/EZ35 output stage 

DAC 2.2 SE tda1541R1 5687/EZ35 output stage 

DAC2.3 SE tda1541R1 5687/EZ35 output + E180F + EAA91 + EZ90 

DAC2.3SE+ tda1541 R1 or A , E182CC + 5Y3 ( DH rectifier) + E180F+ EB91+ EZ90 

DAC3.1 SE tda1541R1 + 6BL7 output stage 

DAC3.1 SE tda1541R1 + 6080 output stage + EZ90 modul

DAC3.1 SE tda1541R1 + 6080 output stage + EZ90 modul XLR output transformers 

DAC3.1 SE rda1541R1 + D3a siemens output stage, inductive load